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KUHLE was established in 2006 has widely become recognized as the worldwide leader in Manufactured Automotive Powertrains Industrial Parts. With over 30 combined years of experience, our design team delivers accuracy precision, high-quality parts to the automotive aftermarket, satisfaction to transmission rebuilders.

The key to our success is simple: Innovation from the Toyota/Lexus U140, U151 planetary rebuilt kit, sun gear, ring gear, new U660 ring gear. MBZ 722.6xx sun gears, ring gear, output shaft rebuilt kits. ZF5HP24 direct drum (A-drum) to the most popular ZF5HP19 reverse drum (D-E Drum). FAmerican cars we do have Ford 6F50/55 Transmission 4-5-6 Drum, 6F30/35 Transmission 4-5-6 Drum. Also fGM cars we do have 6T70/75 Drum 6T40/45 Drum. Innovative design forward thinking has made KUHLE a pioneer when redesigning hard parts transmissions. 

No matter which is of our high quality products you are interested in, two things will be evident: First is , our continual commitment to precision-manufactured parts. Second is , customer satisfaction. Today, KUHLE is well known as a leading supplier of upgraded hard parts of the Automatic Transmission Industry in order to fulfill the demanding needs aftermarket parts.


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